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Black Hills Energy Efficiency Programs

Posted: Fri, February 8, 2013

Below is a general link to Black Hills Energy's energy efficiency programs both residential and commercial.  


The Black Hills Energy commercial and industrial custom rebate program can aid in reducing energy costs as well as helping reduce the payback period of your new equipment and making it upfront more affordable.

Many of the rebates listed require a comprehensive energy evaluation be completed prior to receiving assistance.  This involves a review of energy consumption of the building to identify the characteristics, condition and performance of the facility's energy systems.  There is a minimal cost of $50.  To be eligible for the energy audit the facilities must be less than 25,000 square feet.   For a business to request an energy evaluation they can call us toll-free at 888-567-0799 or complete and submit the form on the internet.  

The primary energy efficiency programs for commercial are the Prescriptive, Custom, and  Non-residential new construction.  Each has a link under the general commercial program heading.  

The Prescriptive rebates are generally for the purchase of high-efficiency space and water heating and commercial cooking equipment where the energy savings are easy to calculate from the old equipment being replace.

Custom rebates are available to Black Hills Energy commercial and industrial customers for projects that reduce natural gas usage and are not covered under the Iowa Prescriptive Rebate Program.

The Black Hills Energy Commercial New Construction program covers new construction and major renovations, primarily in the commercial sector, some multi-family and light industrial projects may also qualify. The intent is to reduce natural gas usage in buildings by ensuring they are designed and built with energy efficiency in mind.   This program requires the business to work with our folks in the design stages.  Financial incentives are available to help offset the initial costs associated with the design and installation of energy-efficient options that are incorporated into the building.

If you have any questions regarding the energy efficiency programs, contact Black Hills Energy at 888-567-0799.


Chickasaw County Ambulance Council RFP

Posted: Thu, March 28, 2019
See attached RFP for the Chickasaw County Ambulance Council.
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New Hampton Compost Site & Pickup Information

Posted: Thu, March 28, 2019
The New Hampton Compost Site will open Tuesday, April 16, 2019.  Hours for the site will be:

Tuesday - 3 pm - 6 pm
Thursday - 3 pm - 6 pm
Saturday - 9 am - 1 pm

Fees will be:  $2.00 per licensed vehicle or trailer
                     $5.00 per dump truck load

Compost will be picked up curbside on Friday, May 3, 2019.  Compost & brush will be picked up curbside on Friday, May 17, 2019.  No barrels will be picked up and brush cannot be longer than 4 feet.
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New Hampton Municipal Light Plant & New Hampton Economic Development Honored with Economic Development Impact Award

Posted: Thu, March 21, 2019
Iowa's rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities commitment goes far beyond ensuring safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy. They actively create strategic partnerships and provide technical and financial assistance to support business growth and community vitality. Annually, Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) presents Impact Awards to utility partners who were involved in significant economic development initiatives the prior year. During a meeting of the New Hampton Industrial Development Corporation, the New Hampton Municipal Light Plant & New Hampton Economic Development was recognized for their economic development accomplishments and commitment to the community.  

New Hampton Municipal Light Plant & New Hampton Economic Development was presented with an IADG Impact Award for community development. New Hampton Municipal Light Plant & New Hampton Economic Development has supported economic development in the community for many years. A recent example of project participation includes support for the $6 million facility renovation project for the Mercy One - New Hampton Medical Center. This upgrade provides improved health care, better patient privacy, new technology, and a renovated emergency department. All combined, these increased capabilities will provide much needed health care infrastructure for the community, its employers and residents. New Hampton Municipal Light Plant & New Hampton Economic Development secured a $300,000 grant from the USDA Rural Economic Development Loan & Grant program to support this project. New Hampton Municipal Light Plant provided an additional $60,000 in matching funds. Receiving this USDA grant also established a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) for the New Hampton Municipal Light Plant & Economic Development Office. The loan repayments will go into this newly established RLF and be available to support additional local projects for years to come.
"We commend Brian Quirk and the New Hampton Municipal Light Plant as well as Tammy Robinson and the New Hampton Economic Development Office for their steadfast support of business and community development," said IADG President, Rand Fisher. "They are providing important technical and financial assistance that many times is a key component in successfully securing projects that create jobs and support community vitality.   

About IADG
The Iowa Area Development Group is the marketing and business development office for Iowa's member-owned rural electric cooperatives, select municipal electric utilities, and independent telecommunication companies.  IADG has assisted with over 2,100 successful business expansions and start-up projects.  This growth represents capital investment of more than $12 billion and 53,000 jobs for Iowa.  The Iowa Area Development Group was established in 1985 to promote and strengthen rural Iowa development opportunities. Stay connected with IADG news at www.facebook.com/IADG.IA and www.twitter.com/IADGIOWA.   

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