Quality of Life Projects


Quality of Life Projects

 Mercy Medical Clinic
 2009 $3.5 million

 NH Streetscape Project
 2009 $2.5 million

 NH Fire Department
 2008 $1.6 million

 NH Country Club
 2007 $1.0 million

 Chickasaw Recreation Center
 2003 $2.3 million

 Mercy Medical Center
 2003 $5.6 million

 Swimming Pool/Park Improvements
 1992-03 $1.0 million

 Chickasaw Centre
 2002 $1.2 million

 First Methodist Church
 2002 $800,000

 NH Community Schools
 2001 $5.1 million

 Trinity Lutheran Church
 2001 $1.5 million

 St. Joseph's School/Holy Family
 1999 $2.2 million

 Homestead Housing
 1996 $1.5 million

 NH Library
 1994 $1.0 million

 Twin Ponds Nature Center
 2003 $700,000

  $31.5 million

   City Infrastructure Projects:

 Sewer, Water, Waste Treatment &
 1998-09 $16.5 million

     Municipal Light Plant Improvements

  $48 million


Jendro Sanitation Collection Information

Posted: Tue, June 13, 2017
New Hampton Residents, please note the following changes in Jendro Sanitation's collection schedule:

-Due to the 4th of July holiday, all Monday & Tuesday routes will be collected on Monday, July 3; no recycling this week.

-Due to RAGBRAI, Thursday residential trash & recycling will be collected on Wednesday, July 26 starting at 5 am.
     --All commercial & dumpster routes will run on the normal collection day but may be collected earlier or later depending on the amount of riders in the area.
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Housing-Contractors Meeting

Posted: Thu, April 27, 2017
One of the big projects the Economic Development Office has been working on over the last several months is the shortage of single family housing available in our community.  We are working with many different groups of individuals from our community including realtors, bankers, IDC board members, and contractors.

We will be holding a housing meeting with area contractors on Tuesday, May 2 at 8 am in the Community Center Building.  This meeting is open to any contractors wanting to attend.  If you have any questions, contact Tammy or Megan at 641-394-2437.
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Lunch & Learn Opportunity

Posted: Thu, April 20, 2017
For any business, being able to connect with potential customers is an incredibly valuable tool. What's even more valuable is connecting with those customers at the exact moment they are searching for the products and services you offer on the internet.

VGM Forbin and New Horizons Chamber of Commerce are providing an exciting learning opportunity during Small Business Week to help you use techniques developed by Google to improve your online marketing initiatives to bring more customers to your business's front door. The education will center around three key objectives:

-Growing Your Business Online
-Promoting Your Business With Google Adwords
-How Brands Win in Moments that Matter

All education materials for this event have been prepared by Google. VGM Forbin will be on hand to present the materials, answer your questions, and lead discussions about best practices.

Event Details

Where: The New Hampton Community Center: 112 East Spring Street, New Hampton, IA 50659
Cost: $5 per attendee
When: Tuesday, May 2 at noon (lunch will be provided)
Who: Event will be hosted by VGM Forbin and New Horizons Chamber
What You'll Receive: Education on online branding techniques from industry experts and Google-branded merchandise

To reserve your spot, call the Chamber at 394-2021.
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