Water Department

The City of New Hampton Water Department is responsible for maintenance and operations of the city wells, as well as the water mains throughout the community. The main goal is to provide the citizens with safe, high quality and reliable water supply that meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements that is always adequate for drinking, as well as fire protection.

There are 1,675 metered accounts which are serviced through a network of approximately 30 miles of water mains, 730 public and private water valves and 230 fire hydrants. The average daily water usage is roughly 600,000 gallons.


Get in Touch

New Hampton Water Tower

Location: 2126 McCloud Way

Hours: Monday - Friday from 7a.m. - 4p.m.

Questions regarding the City’s water can be directed to the Jerry Heying, Water Superintendent, via phone at (641)-394-4894 or (641)-330-5217 or by email.